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Moon and Back



As The Word's Grow

Writing's And Poetry

Our Canadian Soldier's

With the love of the home land Canada.

By the tundra of sound through the furrow
of attention, rifles are heard breaking the
silence with out surpresion.

By the corruption of this war Our soldiers are
settle into battle to win the fight.
The love that swims from our hearts to help
remember our soldiers we keep the burning light.

As in the trenches of suffering the tombs thicken.
God's Blessing be upon them as they defend.
From the market of silence the soldiers survive.
From the closet of tenderness our flag will thrive.

In the stables of flattery souls fill to be remembered ever proud.
We must have tenderness of our hearts to show our feelings to the crowd.
Like the water of harmony this Flag will stand.
Till our soldiers may safely return back to our home land.

Rosemary Mc Lean

Music is "Nights In White Satin"