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Moon and Back



As The Word's Grow

Writing's And Poetry

Where I was Born

Cape Breton Island

0h my Island of this land.
How God made you with His hands.
The sun so brightly shinning its light.
Showing your beauty with such delight.
With your out pouring love so profound.
Its no wonder the ocean surrounds.
Oh Island you are hugged.
With the warmth of His love.
A place for everyone to see.
With its friendly hospitality.
For no matter how far away.
In our hearts you always stay.

Oh my Island of this land.
How God made you with His hand.
Weather by air,land or sea.
Your heartfelt welcome will always be.
With your beauty and your love.
It was given from God above.
From the gentle surf that carresses.
To the smiles of your friendly faces.
A special place in our hearts you will keep.
For your loving friendship runs so deep.
We will never feel alone.
As Cape Breton is always home.

Rosemary Mc Lean

Music is "Nights In White Satin"