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Moon and Back



As The Word's Grow

Writing's And Poetry

The Dream Of His Heart

Short Story

He would rave over the lady he met in
the autumn colorful park.Her beauty was to be
kept in the dream of his heart.

No matter how much he would rant over her no one believed
he found his love and he needed to find her again for
only he knew it was meant to be the dream of his heart.

How he longed to see her smiling face so full
of beauty oh the dream of his heart.He wanted to ravish
her with affection and flowers if only
he could see her just one more time.

Day after day he spent in the park but no luck to
find the dream of
his heart.As the days went by his heart was in a rampage
against all odds looking for the lady in the park.

The race was on trying ti beat the winter that was coming
around the corner.Oh how he needed to find the dream of his heart.
He continued to rabble to his friends about his lost love.
His heart was beating away the time since he first
saw the lady in the park.

As the rabid race continued on over the weeks never once
did his mind wounder away from the love that he knew would be his.
For never would he give up search for the dream of his heart
this he knew was the lady in the park.

In his mind he remembered the racial radiance that her face held
that showed her skin so beautiful and broke into a smile from
the heavens. As there eyes met that first time and
locked into the dream of his heart the lady in the park

To some it may have seemed racy that he would not let go
of the moment his heart fell for her.Only he never
cared what they said he just wanted the dream of his heart.

The weather grew colder and the trees began to look
rancid.His day to day search continued with all the effort
of the love he felt.He would raze each and every
day never once giving up the dream of his heart.

All who knew him recommend that he move on with
his life and forget about the lady in the park.However
he was bent on determination to look for the dream
of his heart till the end of his time.

Oh how to relish the thoughts of her in his arms to be able to
shower her with the love he had for her and have it returned to him.
At last his heart jumped into glee as once again
there eyes met for the second time.He did at last
find the dream of his heart.

This time he would hold onto her forever and
ever no way would she slip away from him again.
This time he would place the ring on her finger
and they would be married. He and the dream of his
heart would be together for a life
time as they would live in loving bliss.
Him and his lady from the park.

Rosemary Mc Lean

Music is "Nights In White Satin"