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Moon and Back



As The Word's Grow

Writing's And Poetry

I Am From

I am from the ocean out of the
water droplets from the heavens,
from sea breeze and salt air.

I am from the old tradition of moral upbringing
where all the small things in life mean
a lot and the simple life of God, family and friends,
these all are on top priority and the material things come after.

I am from the dandelion in all its beauty
against the green grass,
the plant that springs back to life even after bent in the wind.

I am from the steel plant,
uncle Tom and grandpa George.

I am from the old school and proud of it and hope
to set examples for my grandchildren to follow.

From love of others and share all the love you can.
I am from Catholic Church. The home of our heavenly father.
I'm from Grandpa's bed where I was born, lobster and scallops.

From the rabbit snare uncle Eausa,
the delicious rabbit pie aunt Mary, and the pastry aunt Annie.

I am from Cabot Trail scenic wonderment of Nova Scotia
and of course shore line beaches of the
Alantic Ocean in all majestic glory.

Rosemary Mc Lean

Music is "Nights In White Satin"